February 2020

Nuclear Fusion 67 - Japanese Researchers Working On Understanding Of Mixing Of Hydrogen Isotopes In Plasmas

    A great deal of money is being poured into research into nuclear fusion as a possible commercial energy source. If the power of the sun can be harnessed, it would mean abundant energy with less pollution, less dangerous waste, less expense, less fuel, etc. that many other power sources.

Radioactive Waste 755 - General Accounting Office Report Finds Cleanup Problems At Hanford - Part 1 of 2 Parts

Part 1 of 2 Parts
       I have often blogged about the Hanford Nuclear Reservation in south central Washington State. It is one of the most radioactively contaminated sites in the whole world as a result of the use of the site for decades for the development of U.S. nuclear weapons. Government auditors issued a report last Thursday about the Hanford Nuclear Reservation.

Domestic Violence Charges? No Flight For You

Every week, we are so. Very. Tired. of hearing about not only the next woman who was killed by her current or former partner (or a stalker whose interest wasn't returned), but about how he could've been driven to it and what SHE must have done to contribute to her own death, and often the death of their children, too. We are so. Very. Tired. of not having men held accountable for their actions, of rape culture and domestic violence just being the norm and nobody taking action to make it stop.

DARPA Space Programs Funding Reduced In 2021 Budget Request

  The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is a federal agency that does futuristic research for the government. They are active across a wide range of sciences and technologies. They are not a U.S. space agency, but they do have a space projects umbrella called PE 0603287E. The budget for 2021 was one hundred and ninety million dollars.