October 2019

Pet Furniture

IKEA is relatively new where I live. I remember traveling and discovering the store, and everyone who lived nearby couldn't believe I'd never heard of it. This became a common theme in the area, which became akin to another planet to me, and where I once thought I'd love to live became a place I definitely didn't connect with. Still, I did admire the company itself and now that one has been built where I live, I do like to go now and then and check out what's new.

All About Plath

When I saw this piece about the seven most essential poems by Sylvia Plath, I thought I'd share it with poetry readers and get your thoughts. I used to love reading Plath as a teen, as many teens do, and confess that I really haven't put much thought into it as an adult. When I revisit works like The Bell Jar I'm more annoyed than touched, even though the message is still clear; I suppose as a mom who simultaneously empathizes with Plath yet disdains many of her complaints it makes me feel ambivalent.

Strangest Dental Remedies

When I tried using charcoal on my teeth for the first time, I thought I looked really weird, to say the least. Now it's pretty commonplace; I've even seen charcoal in toothpaste at the store. Then my kid and I were reading about ancient dental remedies and the things they filled teeth with made me gag. Just how did we start to do these weird things, anyway?

Dems Duke It Out Over Drug Bill

I can't help but laugh, without humor, when I read that the Dems are struggling to agree on Pelosi's drug pricing bill, which would allow the government to negotiate prescription costs over SOME drugs on the market. Meanwhile Americans die every day without access to medical care or live in poverty, under bankruptcy declared from medical bills, while citizens in countries with socialized medicine only stare at us and shake their heads.

Pomegranate Cocktails

Whether you follow the legend of Kore or Persephone (who are essentially the same person but with vastly different stories, depending on which one you think is most accurate!), you can't deny that pomegranates are a lovely symbol of this time of year. Why not celebrate your darkness and surviving Hades on Earth with a pomegranate cocktail or two before Mecury goes into Retrogade?

Instant Pot Tips and Tricks

I have a confession to make, hungry bloggers. I have an instant pot and I've never even used it! A friend of mine gave me hers when they got a new one and said it would be life-changing, but I just haven't gotten around to learning how to use the thing. I'm sure it would've come in quite handy over the last few months, especially on the nights when we had to wait for something to cook or I ended up using the crockpot, but I just need to read up on it and get started, right?

Favorite Halloween Games

At our annual Halloween party, the most popular games this year were Werewolf and Apples to Apples, although some people enjoyed playing on the Wii, too. It made me feel a little nostalgic for the old Halloween games we used to play as kids, like dropping pins in jars or playing pin the face on the jack o'lantern, which was so cool because we would end up with super silly faces.

No Family Guy Or American Dad

Anyone who was wondering whether or not Family Guy might be listed among the many different shows on Disney+ should know that it will not be featured on the streaming service, and neither will American Dad. This makes perfect sense, as most people figured they'd be kept off the roster of shows to keep them as family-friendly as possible, but they're also already being shown on Hulu.

Final Week of Hallowreads!

Can you believe it's almost November? How is your Halloween reading challenge going? My family's still not finished with The Graveyard Book, due to much less time in the car than we'd planned, so we're going to have to save Frankenstein for Sci Fi July. I'm hoping to squeeze a few Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark in at some point but that may not happen!

La Isla

I've got empanadas on the brain today, which makes me want to go eat at La Isla for lunch! If you love Puerto Rican food you've probably been to this restaurant, which started out as a street vendor and now is one of the best sources of Puerto Rican cuisine in Seattle. If you've never been, you're in for a treat.

Tim Burton Crafts

This week it's all about Tim Burton for my family after we won Tim Burton trivia night, took home some beautiful new Burton decor items and we're really feeling the Nightmare spirit. Okay, that's pretty much every Halloween anyway, minus the trivia, but I've been seeing so many gorgeous DIY crafts that people are making to decorate their homes with Tim Burton motifs that I wanted to reach out and see what everyone is making.

80s Trends We're Glad To See Go

At That 80s Blog, we love the 80s and often get nostalgic about everything from My Little Pony to Dungeons and Dragons, but that doesn't mean that we loved everything about that time period. The rise of consumerism, the politics and yes, much of the hair was cringe-worthy, and we're not nostalgic for much of that! In fact, many of the politics of the 80s led to the problems we have today.

Tim Burton Themed Desserts

My family and I had a blast at Tim Burton Trivia Night last week where we won some really fun cups and a Funko Pop Beetlejuice, and now I've got Burton fever like never before. Sure, I have my Halloweentown stuff out year-round, but I've been wearing my favorite grey and black striped cardigan every day and have to stop myself from trying to float around the kitchen singing "Day-O!" So I thought, how about some Tim Burton goodies to share and celebrate with?

The Weirdest Critter You've Ever Touched

Every fall, my family and I seem to end up petting strange (to us) critters just by visiting the usual fall haunts. A Halloween-themed event at our local science center? Sure, the reptile guy is there, so why not hold a tarantula or scorpion? (Holding an alligator is always my favorite.) Heading to the farm to pick pumpkins? Be sure to pet the wallabys, emu and llamas, too. At the Renaissance Faire? Sure, pet the lemurs.

Radioactive Waste 422 - Activists Fight Construction Project In Contaminated Area Of Moscow - Part 2 of 2 Parts

Part 2 of 2 Parts (Please read Part 1 first)
     Alexander Barinov is Radon’s chief engineer for Moscow. He explained that it would be impossible remove all the contaminated soil. Engineers chose to dump new soil on the site each year to keep the waste secured.