Model horse showing props, asseccories, ect!

I have some showing props and asseccories!
Please email for pictures.
I make pole bending set make all sizes:)
Barrels traditional, mini, stablemate sizes only:)
The jumping figure 8 jump:)
Mounting block traditional,stablemate,mini sizes only:)
Feed bins:)
Halters traditional horses and foals, classic horses and foals,stablemate horse. Halters can get the models name on it if you wish:)
I can also make something particualar if you want but sometimes I can't make it!

Stone Horse Collecting

Stone Horse model horses are replicas of real-life horses that offer both the beauty and poise of a true horse.

Though many people are keen on Breyer horses, many others prefer different types of model horses. One particularly lifelike brand of model horse is the Stone Horse. If you look in the image at the side of the Breyer horses, you might notice that they just don’t seem as lifelike as they could. They are nice looking, sure, but they don’t seem to capture the actual essence of the horses like the Stone horses do.

If you look at the Stone Horse website above, you’ll find horses that look as if they are really breathing—running, shaking their manes, grazing. I have no idea how they do it, but the horses themselves look so very realistic, as if their souls are showing in their bright eyes.

Of course, the horses aren’t really alive—that would be both creepy and Child’s Play spinoff-inducing—but it still amazes me. I have never been able to make art that is that lifelike, yet these artists pull it off and they make it seem so effortless. We do not collect horses just yet, but my daughter LOVES horses and takes lessons with a fabulous teacher, so I could definitely see us collecting them in the future. I am not sure what it is with kids and horses—I am a frogs and sloths girl myself, oddly enough—but I think the connection is a deep and lingering one that lasts a lifetime if you help it along. Horses are therapeutic, highly intelligent animals and though I don’t know if we’ll ever be able to buy my daughter one like she wants, I know that we’ll always do what we can to help her love for horses and animals in general grow.

These Stone Horses would make fantastic gifts for any horse or animal lover. If you don’t want to display them, you could always add them to your animal farm set for playing. I am sure that your favorite horse riding instructor would also love one; you could check to see if there is one that resembles his or her horse especially to make it even more meaningful.

Something else you can do with Stone Horses is design your own horse. You can order your own personalized horse by choosing the model you want and then customizing its features. It costs a pretty penny at $59.99 but if it’s the only thing your little girl or boy wants for a special occasion, it could be worth it.